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An enterprise's culture, not only is the power to keep employee long-term stay and contribute its intelligence, but also the pillar to keep up the enterprise in the fierce competition .With the development of our enterprises,  new comer and old staff 's alternating, what remains continuous is our culture. An enterprise without great aspiration and excellent culture can not go too far.

The founders of menred have made brilliant achievements, and set up the ambitious enterprise's foundation and culture. Since then, what flows in menred man's body is the climber's blood,who never gives up.

Our enterprise culture is not from the external planning and design, but the endogenous, which is gradually formed in the years of development. But our enterprise culture is not invariable. Facing challenge, menred must continue to inject new connotation into the enterprise culture.

This is the rosy prospect of menred,hanging on the top of the mountain our heart longing for. With this ambition, we can face up to ourselves, face the failure, keep self-denial and beyond going.

We are ambitious, also down-to-earth.Therefore menred has the firm faith,and devote ourselves to developing pragmatic, market-oriented and highly effective strategies at the same time, just because we understand that only win consumers in the future market, we will really get the confidence.

From this perspective, menred determines each starting is the new step. We believe that, excellent enterprise culture will promote the great cause which will be passed in menred man's hands from generation to generation.

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